Your Top Choice for Quality First-Class Painting

JZO Professional Painting is your top choice for quality first-class painting.

With over 16 years experience focusing on high-quality workmanship, attention to detail and never cutting corners, JZO Professional Painting is the clear choice.


For more information about the painting process and the products that are used by JZO Professional Painting, please visit “The Process” page.

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The Process

While each job varies, the process remains the same for most jobs.

  1. 1. Each job is looked at in person, and a detailed estimate is created giving customers options for their specific needs.
  2. Once the job is started, all furniture and floors are covered.
  3. After each day, the work area is cleaned up with tools and paint cans moved to a remote area thereby trying to be undisruptive to the household as possible.
  4. JZO Professional Painting believes that preparation is the key to a superior finished product. Prep work includes any repairs needed, such as plastering holes, repairing cracks, repairing damaged drywall, removing and replacing larger drywall (if needed), removing wallpaper, washing grease and excessive dirt, sanding any rough surfaces, priming new surfaces, priming surfaces previously painted in oil based paints, sealing stains of all kinds, repairing stippled ceilings.
  5. Finish coats are only applied once all necessary prep work has been completed. JZO Professional Painting always recommends two coats of any finish coat application, to ensure proper sheen, coverage, color consistency and maximum durability.


Customer Testimonials

“We are very pleased with all of the work that you did. I am a perfectionist and I really appreciate your skill and all of the care that you took to ensure that the job was completed so flawlessly. What a difference fresh paint makes and the paint that you used was so mild that we really didn’t have any discomfort living here while the work was being done.”

– Elaine & Andre